David Babka 

visual identity
for the horní slavkov city

Horní Slavkov is a smaller city in the west of the Czech Republic. It has a rich history strongly connected to tin and copper mining.  With the new visual style we also wanted to show that Horní Slavkov is a modern town, where inhabitants are not indifferent to the way the city evolves and are participating in its activities. Our solution simplifies communication between the city, its residents and visitors. It shows friendly and open city management to the citizens, the city with specific atmosphere to the visitors and it gives an easy tool for better communication to the city council. To make everyone understand, we use a simple language – clear words. The identity of the town of Horní Slavkov is based on a combination of two distinctive and contrasting fonts combined with metallic colors (which are a light reference to the famous history) create timeless visual style that is easily recognizable among the identities of other cities. The draft wasn't chosen for realization in the pitch.

Collaboration with Jáchym Moravec